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Vision & values

Our simple vision statement that you see at the bottom of each page of our website is: 'To know Jesus as Lord and to share his love with our local community'

We believe that God has called us to grow in our personal relationship with him and then to share the love (1 John 4.16) we find there with those around us.


The values we hold, that enable us to work towards fulfilling this vision, are that this is:

  • a work of the Holy Spirit who provides the 'fruit' (Gal 5.22) and 'gifts' (1 Cor 12) we need
  • rooted in prayer
  • strengthened in worship
  • developed through a growing knowledge of God's word (the Bible)
  • demonstrated through service
  • spread through witness
  • sustained through care
  • preserved through unity
  • resourced through giving
  • & refreshed by coffee!

We also value working with other Christian organisations and churches. This has led us to be affiliated with New Wine, Derby City Vision and Derby City Mission. As part of the Anglican Diocese of Derby we also partner with St Paul's Chester Green in a Mission and Ministry Area (MMA).

Read about our mission 'To know Jesus as Lord and to share His love with our local community'