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About us

What are we like? A friendly and informal evangelical charismatic church committed to serving our local community.

This is worked out in many different ways.

We recognise the importance of growing in faith and that we can all experience God's love. So we seek to make our worship inspiring that all of us may encounter God through it.

We believe in a God of revelation who longs to speak to us so we seek to make our sermons relevant and applicable to everyday life. We practise prophetic ministry in our worship with our prayer ministry team offering prophetic words before our 10.30am worship on the first Sunday of the month. Recognising that we prophesy in part (1 Cor 13.9) and that all prophecy needs to be weighed (1 Cor 14.29) and tested.

We seek to be outwardly focused and deeply rooted in our local community, responding to needs through loving service. We are also passionate about justice for the disadvantaged both locally and globally.

We seek to discern what the Holy Spirit is saying to us recognising that St Barnabas is God's church and that we are to follow his will. In doing this we are prepared to face the cost of change and dare to take on new ways of doing things.

"It's a lively church and you make friends very easily and it's for all ages"
Emily age 10

We operate as a community where relationships are valued and nurtured through our various small groups. This enables people to feel accepted and to grow in faith and service. We seek to identify people's gifts and encourage them to be used within and beyond the church.

We seek to be inclusive welcoming and working to integrate everyone into the life of St Barnabas no matter what our backgrounds. One of our great strengths we see as having people aged from 2 to 90, with a variety of social and ethnic backgrounds, from those with learning difficulties to people from as far afield as Latvia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Thailand.

Finally, we seek to be focused rather than frenetic doing what we do well and being relaxed about what is not being done.

Read about our mission 'To know Jesus as Lord and to share His love with our local community'