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On the Equator, in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda, is Kagando hospital. It is the centre of a rural community and has a Christian vision to bring 'healing and wholeness to the whole community'.

The work at the hospital involves Acute Heath Care for Medical, Surgical, Obstetric, and Paediatric patients as well as longer-term care for Leprosy patients. The hospital staff are also involved in community projects such as caring for children in an orphanage and others affected by HIV/AIDS as well as Public Health education in the villages in the hills (accessible only on foot).

The people in this area have very little in the way of possessions but they value highly the gift of life, which God has given them and the gift of each new day. They largely live as subsistence farmers on the steep mountainside and collect water from the nearest source (sometimes a mile or more away).

As a church part of our regular giving goes to the hospital and a retired doctor and his wife who are trustees of the hospital go out and visit each year.

Read about our mission 'To know Jesus as Lord and to share His love with our local community'