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Taizé Worship

Taize is an ecumenical (Protestant and Catholic) Christian community in the Burgundy Region of France which began with a vision of a place where 'kindness and simplicity of heart would be at the centre of everything.'

The quiet and simple ways of worshipping with repetitive songs and silence in a candlelit chapel now provides a welcome place of retreat in churches throughout the world.

Once a month at St Barnabas, we seek to create a similar 'space' for the Holy Spirit to meet us. Do join us in the quiet to lay down burdens and seek the face of God. He will meet you and perhaps you will leave with the guidance you have been searching for, the healing that you long for or the peace that has been so illusive. There will be no expectations of you and you may be surprised by new discoveries about yourself and God.

Read about our mission 'To know Jesus as Lord and to share His love with our local community'