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Pastoral Care Team

The aim of the pastoral care team is to enable people, with love and compassion, to manage difficulties in their life and to grow in maturity; and so be able to find fullness of life as Jesus offers. (John 10.v.10)

St. Barnabas Church has a team of 6 making up the pastoral care team, which is led by Liz Lunn. The team works by coming alongside people who need support to help them manage their difficulties; to show them love and compassion as Jesus does and to work with them in a caring relationship until they are able to manage independently once again. Generally the help offered is short term such as through an illness or hospitalisation, but sometimes there are longer term needs such as bereavement or relationship problems or long term disability.

The team meets regularly together for prayer, support and training. Referrals can be made through Derek Honour or through Liz Lunn, either on behalf of someone you are concerned about or for yourself.

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